Jay's Kitchen


Ordered for the first time and definitely will more often! Food was delicious had tandoori mix grill and tandoori starter, honestly the best Indian that I have ever had! I'd give more stars if I could Thankyou so much!!!

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Unfortunately the main dish just had no real taste. I don't mind it being mild but it just had little taste/flavour although it looked interesting/good on the menu.

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I've eaten in at Jay's Kitchen a few times in the past and tonight decided I'd order in. I browsed the menu, placed my order and waited. Food arrived and there was an item missing, MY mistake not Jay's. Rang them, told them what had happened and withing 30 minutes my meal was delivered, with extras. I think they're top blokes at Jay's. 10/10

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Great food, easy to order online, fast delivery - couldn't ask for more! :)

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